• Below are the 2020-21 class schedules by grade for Rosalia Middle School students:

    6th Grade students

    7th Grade students 

    8th Grade students



    Middle School Distance Learning Model for Classes beginning September 8th-September 29th.

    Middle School students will have 3 to 4 classes per day Monday – Thursday

    Teachers will have office hours on Fridays for students to get extra help on schoolwork, hold advisory classes that will meet periodically, and work with students who have not completed work from the Spring.

    Classes will be taught live and instructional components will be recorded for students who miss class to watch at a later time.  Students are expected to attend virtually and will be trained the week of September 1st regarding what will be expected of them.  Students will also be checked out a Chromebook that week.  

    We plan on having a supervised computer lab available for student use to complete their online work if needed  This option will be available by appointment only.  Appointments to use the computer lab will be arranged through the school office.

    The schedule linked below is for 1st quarter.  We have developed a yearly schedule that takes into consideration all of the classes students will need to stay on track for student success.

    The school counselor will be placing students into their respective courses the week of September 1st in preparation for our September 8th start date.

    If you have any questions about the schedule or what your options are, please call the school office to schedule an appointment.