For use in all classes managed by Mrs. Van Dyke

    Quick guide to my classes 4th term:

    Rule 1: Do what you can. 1-2 hours per week is a request/suggestion.

    Rule 2: Contact me weekly about your work

    Rule 3: Turn in/show me your work weekly. This counts as weekly contact.

    • If you can’t turn it in weekly, turn it in as soon as you can.
    • There is no late penalty.

    Grading  You will be evaluated 2 ways: Quantity (How many assignments did you complete out of how many assignments were possible?) and Quality.

    Quality Guide: 





    Needs improvement




    Shows little to no effort or learning. 

    Shows some effort and learning, but not quite enough to meet expectations.

    Effort and learning are evident and meet what has been asked for. Doing and learning enough for grade level expectation.

    Shows extra effort and more learning  than what has been asked for. Beyond expectations. Above grade level understanding and effort shown.




    School Phone 523-3061 ext. 3174 messages returned 1-2 days

    Email mvandyke@rosaliaschools.org

    Google Classroom students all have access codes, requires internet access



Last Modified on June 1, 2020