• Tekoa/Rosalia Athletics

    Tekoa-Rosalia is proud of its interscholastic athletic programs and expects athletes to compete in a manner that will develop a sense of individual pride and accomplishment. As TR athletes compete with other athletes in the area, their actions reflect upon the schools and our communities. Therefore, standards including academic requirements, citizenship, sportsmanship, conduct and loyalty must be maintained at a high level. It is expected that there is a positive correlation between an athlete’s performance and his/her adherence to specific training practices.


    We believe it is a pleasure and a privilege to coach Tekoa-Rosalia student athletes. We also believe that participating in TR athletics is a privilege. The student athlete is responsible as a citizen to observe the laws of the United States, the State of Washington, and/or its subdivisions. While in the school, the students shall respect the rights of others.
    Athletic and Activity Code of Conduct 

    All students and parents should read and understand the 2017-2018 Tekoa-Rosalia Athletic and Activity Code of Conduct (available as a PDF download).
    The Rosalia Athletic Director is Mrs. Rosie McLain. She can be reached at rmclain@rosaliaschools.org .

     Timberwolves Sports 

    2021 Fall Sports Schedules Announced

    Football 2021

    Volleyball 2021


    Athletic Paperwork link-please fill out the required digital forms for sports participation prior to school beginning on September 1st, 2020.


    Proactive Coaching