Evans, Henning, Lawson Scholarship – a scholarship that awards academic ability as well as financial need, with a preference given to students pursuing a career in business.  An interview with administration and a member of the school board is required. Due: April 15
    Chad Burnham Memorial Scholarship – a scholarship dedicated to the memory of Chad Burnham, with a focus on community service. Due April 25
    Dowling Bros. Scholarship- This endowment scholarship has been established because of the dedication to farming and love of agriculture that these two gentlemen have modeled their entire lives. It is in their memory that the Dowling Bros. Scholarship will continue to benefit high school graduates for years to come. Due: May 1 
    Gifted Granny’s Scholarship  - sponsored by the Gifted Granny’s of Rosalia, this scholarship is awarded to those students who exhibit a financial need  and plan to further their education at             either a two or four year college, trade, or technical school. Due: May 1
    Public School Employees Award – The Public School Employees of Washington is an organization which represents Classified Public School Employees of the State of Washington. Due: April 15
    Rosalia Community Scholarship– this organization awards scholarships to those seniors who are planning to further their education at either a two or four year college, trade, or technical school.  Due: May 1
    Timberwolf Booster Club Scholarship – The Rosalia Spartan Booster Club recognizes each year two outstanding student athletes who have demonstrated academic excellence, athletic success and strong leadership skills during their enrollment at Rosalia High School.  Due: May 1 
    Rosalia Education Association – this is a local professional organization consisting of the teachers of Rosalia School District.  This scholarship is based on academics, community service, as well as need.  Due: April 15
    Rosalia Lion’s Club Scholarship – this scholarship is given to a deserving senior based on that student’s school, community activities, service to the community, and caring for others.  Due: April 15
    Budding Rose Scholarship – a scholarship awarded to those students who are planning on attending a two or four year college or university with a gift in art.  Required for application is a portfolio of art projects, a transcript, a brief autobiography, and an essay describing  “why art is important to me". Due: May 1
    Rosalia Christian Scholarship – three churches in Rosalia make up what is called the Rosalia Christian Council.  These churches include the Christian Church, the Methodist Church, and the Assembly of God Church. This scholarship is awarded to those students who have shown a love for God and community and demonstrate a Christ like example at school. Due: May 1
    Michael T. Day Inspirational Scholarship – this scholarship is awarded by the Day Family in honor of Mike Day, who continues to be an inspiration to the students of Rosalia.  This scholarship is awarded to a graduating senior who may have faced their own life’s challenges, but used these challenges to achieve success in school, athletics and service to their community.  **Applicants must include 4 copies of the application **  Due: April 15
    Odd Fellows Scholarship – a scholarship to one high school graduating senior  accompanied by a paragraph describing the reasons you are applying for the scholarship.  Also a page describing your extra- curricular activities and community service.
    Click on the link below to download the application

    Budding Rose Art Gallery

    Timberwolf Booster Club 

    Chad Burnham Scholarship

    Christian Service Award 

    Dowling Bros. Scholarship  

    Rosalia Gifted Grannies Scholarship 

    Michael T. Day Scholarship  

    Rosalia Odd Fellows Scholarship 

    REA Scholarship 

    PSE Scholarship

    Rosalia Lions Club Scholarship

    Evans Henning Lawson Scholarship

    Rosalia Community Scholarship 

    Many scholarship applications have been updated.  If you see an application without an updated due date please let me know. 
Last Modified on February 12, 2018