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    **Physical Education**

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                                                                                                               GOOD MORNING T-WOLVES



      WOLVES:  KEEP IT UP... Life is filling your day.  I am hearing from students they don't have time for fitness due to assigned activities.                                                                THIS IS A GREAT LAB FOR REAL LIFE. Finding time for fitness when you have time demands from jobs/family.   

    June 19th : YOU DID IT:  Your across the finish line.  180 plus days are booked

     ENJOY YOUR SUMMER                                                                                                         



    TODAYS QUOTE: 17 inches:  That is the width of home plate in baseball.  It's never been adjused

    Never been adjusted to compensate for its difficulty for some.  Society changes often

    to accomadate those who can't or won't meet standard.  YOU can control habits that

    keep yourself within standard.  Others around you may move outside the 17 inch standard.

    You can take control and keep all activities within those 17 inches (standards).


    GOOD LUCK: Enjoy your summer.



    IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENTS:    TEACHER/STUDENT ZOOM MEETINGS:                                                                                                                            Every Wednesday and Thursday 2:00-3:00, we will  be hosting a zoom session                                                                                              for students and teachers to answer questions and assist students in any way possible.                             

      GRADING: Please email a journal of your fitness activities for the week each Friday.  Distance learning grading is dependent on your                        journal submissions.  PLEASE COMPLETE THIS TASK:                                                                                                                                                    STUDENTS: who do not engage with this course will receive a INCOMPLETE to be made up later at a later date. 

    FITNESS JOURNALS: Distance learning grading is in progresse.  We desire that you complete a weekly fitness journal.  Describe your activity, how long you                       perform it, and we will begin giving you a  PE grade for your efforts.    LOOKING FORWARD TO SEEING YOUR WORKOUTS.

    FITNESS OPTIONS:   Welcome to:  20 for your money: (chip/dip edition) 

            A. WARM UP: Coordinators: 15 yards each: High knee, kickers, karyoka L/R, High skip, Long skip, and backpeddle.

            B. After warmup,  take a pause and move thru you favorite flexibility stretches.  Remember to involve both the front and back of all muscle groups.               Include upper body as well even if it appears not to be our focus of fitness today.                                                            

           C. MAIN COURSE:  TUNE FOR JUNE: Pushups/decline pushups/leg overs/leg raises/dips:::  3 to 4 sets of each.                                                                               See the video on our Rosalia HS Timberwolves facebook page.

           D. COOL DOWN: A nice 5-10 min. easy jog at nice easy 50-60% jog.                                                                                          

           E. POST STRETCH: Repeat your pre workout stretch routine.  Muscles are well prepared for stretching at this phase of your workout, you may be                       able to hold the stretch a bit deeper and longer.

           F. Remember your time it takes to complete the activity.  WE will challenge you to beat that time each day this week.  WE CAN DO IT:  


                                                   IF YOU HAVE SHAPED A PROGRAM YOU REALLY FEEL A PASSION FOR.....    CARRY ON..


         1. Darebee.com:  Darebee has many interesting options:  

             A. Each and every day has a daily workout posted.  It carries instruction for several levels of intensity for the beginner/youth on up to veteran who has             fitness experience.            

             B. Darebee also offers numerous themed workouts that offers a wide assortment of fitness targets of your choice.

             C. 30 day challenges: Numerous fitness activities are offered in a progressive 30 day challenge format that is user friendly in developing a beginning                  fitness base.  As the days progress the intensity climbs taking individuals fitness to accomplished levels.         

         2. Bring Sally Up: Is a Youtube activity produced by focused fitness.
            Students can train their upper body, lower body, and core following the song lyrics and video participants activity. The song is nearly 4 minutes             in length. I would recommend students following along with 30 sec. sessions of pushups, standing squats and leg raises.  Have the students               add 5 seconds to each session every 3rd day. If a student wants to start off at a longer duration for each session they are welcome. 
        3.  PE with Joe: A Youtube activity put out daily by Joe Wicks.   Joe put the participant thru fitness activities for 30 minutes each day.  Fun and                  exciting product.
                                              If you have any additional questions please feel free to contact me.  Stay Healthy and Safe. 
                                                                                            HEALTH COURSE ACTIVITY
    9th graders _ 
    JUNE 15-19: MAKE UP WEEK: Time to turn in missing assignments.  E-mail missing assignments by the JUNE 19th deadline.  
    Assignment: Utilize any resources available to you and respond to the following.
    Thursday June 11th: 7 HABITS:  Crafting your own mission statement.  Like hiking to the top of                                                                                              of a mountain you have a mission plan on how you will do it.                                                                                                                                              Share in writing a 1 page mission statement that you forsee for yourself into your 30's...
                              1. How impactful is your nutrition quality to your skin health?
                              2. Your skin is the largest what in your body.
                              3. Define the following terms.  Sweat glands, acne, sebaceous glands, follicles, and dandruff.
                              4. Does your nutrition have a connection to the above terms.  If so explain why for each one.
    Tuesday June 9th: Who is in the lead??  If you don't create a vision or direction for your future,
                                           your peers, parents, or someone will.  Discuss how this could be 
                                           limiting to you/your talents and what you could become?
                               1. Storing/preparing food properly can be key to avoiding foodborne illness. 
                                   Define foodborne illness and practices needed to avoid it.
                               2. What is the process of pasteurization and how is it beneficial?
                               3. Discuss the concerning points of cross contamination.
                               4. Define what lactose intolerance is.  
    Thursday June 4th: 7 Habits of effective teens.. TEAM UP:  With others who have the same end in mind.
                              1. With weight management, weight cycling can be a issue.  What is weight cycling??
                              2. Define Anorexia.
                              3. Define Bulimia.
                              4. What eating plan do Vegans follow?
                              5. What challenges might this type of diet present? 
    Tuesday June 2nd: 7 habits: Evaluate the people in your life.  Do they limit your end in mind goal?
                              1. Define a calorie.
                              2. Why is nutrient dense foods best for your source of calories?
                              3. Sedendary lifestyle can be dangerous to your health if allowed for long periods of time.
                                  Explain how and why.
                              4. REFER TO OUR FED UP DOCUMENTARY VIEWING: 
                                  Is calories in, calories out a good way to manage proper weight?
    Thursday May 28th:  7 habits: How can beginning with a end in mind aid you weeks into your goal journey?
                              1. When looking at food labels, explain what each of the following refer to.
                                  LIGHT, LESS, FREE (example could be fats)
                              2. Food labels carry expiration date, freshness date, pack date and sell date.  Explain what 
                                  each means.
                              3. Explain how becoming a food label reader can help a person develop a healthy diet.
    Tuesday May 26th
                                7 habits of effective teens: BEGINNING with a end in mind.                                                                                                                                                      Think of the day you start a 500 piece puzzle.  What is your guide to assist
                                      you assembling the puzzle?  IN LIFE explain why you might want to have a 
                                      END in mind that you work towards almost daily.
                                1. Our wellness is built by Mental, Physical, and Social health.                                                                                                                                            Think of the Freedoms you have, and the cost you pay daily to keep them. 
                                2. Define the following terms involved with foods.  
                                 Additives, Enriched, Fortification, Serving size. 
     ASSIGNMENT: Utilize any resources educational resources available to you and respond to the following.
    Thursday May 21: PLEASE email your responses by Friday May 22.
                                 1. 7 habits of effective teens: The following are human tools you can use
                                     to find success.  Elaborate on each and explain how it can lead to                                                                                                                                     personal success. SELF AWARENESS, CONSCIENCE, IMAGINATION, WILLPOWER.
                                  2. Explain the criticalness of eating a good healthy breakfast.
                                  3. What does a nutritional breakfast do to your metabolism.
                                  4. Traditionally we eat small breakfast, a larger lunch, and our largest
                                      meal of the day is dinner.  WHY IS THIS BACKWARDS when
                                      looking at our nutritional needs for the day??
    Tuesday  May 19th: PLEASE email your responses by Thursday May 21.
                                 1. Describe how nutritional density is a key ingredient to monitor in a 
                                      persons eating plan.
                                  2. Nutritional balance in a meal is a healthy idea.  Share why.
                                  3.  Describe how hunger and appetite differ.
                                  4. Which term in #3 leads to portion control issues?
    Thursday May 14th: Please Email your responses to me by Friday May 15th
                                 1. The lacking of what mineral in your diet can lead to what skeletal injury?
                                 2. List 3 key factors that water consumption brings to the body.
                                 3. A. List the daily water consumption formula that I Mr. Boxleitner emphasizes sporadically.
                                 4. What % of you body composition is water?
    EXTRA CREDIT: Reading a article this morning from a expert in fitness and nutrition.  He emphasized a key learning point 
                     about the importance of fiber in our diet.  He is finding with people facing the pandemic that are choosing foods l
                     low in fiber.  What will the result's be to their body composition???
    Tuesday May 12th:  Please Email your responses to me by Thursday May 14th.
                                 1. Explain the difference between water soluble vitamins and fat soluble vitamins.
                                 2. Which of the above can be more dangerous is vitamin levels are to high?
                                 3. Minerals are aquired thru eating what types of foots? 
                                 4. What are some critical contributions minerals provide to your body?
    Thursday May 7th: Please Email your responses to me by Friday May 8th.
                                 1. Cholesterol is found in two types.  Please name them.
                                 2. Which cholesterol is noted to be unhealthy?
                                 3. Back to proteins.  Nuts are a complete or incomplete protein?
                                 4. When the body carries out all of its many system function, 
                                     list some of the benefits vitamins provide.
    Tuesday May 5th; Please Email your response to me by Thursday May 7th                                      
                                 1. Share the nutritional benefits of Protein in your diet.                                                                                                                                                         2. Explain the difference between complete and incomplete proteins.                                                                                                                                 3. Fats in food often get a negative review.  Explain the benefits of including fats in your diet.                                                                                           4. Describe the difference between saturated and unsaturated fats. 
    ASSIGNMENT: Utilize any resources available to you and respond to the following.  
    Thursday April 30. Respond to the following.  Email your responses back to us by Friday April 20th.                                                                                                             1.What nutritional value does carbohydrates provide?                                                                                                                                                         2. Describe the difference's between simple and complex carbohydrates..
                                 3. What is glucose?
                                 4. What benefit does fiber in foods provide?
                                 7 habits: Your conscience.  It's your sense of right and wrong.  How is this shaped in a person?
                                 1. What factors influence decisions that affect food choices?
                                 2. Why is good nutrition so important during your adolescence?
                                 3. Give 3 examples of how your culture and family have influenced you eating habits.
                                 4. Compare you food habits with those of a friend.  What might account for the differences and similarities?  
    Thursday April 23  PLEASE RESPOND IN WRITING THRU A E-MAIL by Monday April 27
                                 7 habits of effective teens: Self awareness.                                                                                                                                                                             A.  Are you aware of people in our society that are unaware of their personal weaknessess.  No names please.                                                               B. How can this lack of awareness create challenges for them?                                                                                                                                         C. Are you aware of persons that are unaware of their personal strengths?                                                                                                                       D. How can this lack of awareness of their strengths create personal challenges?
                                  1. Reflect on hunger/appetite for a moment.  Throw in extra time at home what happens to our appetite?                                                                            A. How may advertising trigger you appetite?
                                      B. How may aroma of food in your setting impact your appetite?                                                                                                                                        C. BACK TO THE FUTURE: Pretend your back in times prior to social isolation.  How does social events such as birthdays,                                                 family reunions, or other gathering events impact your  1. Appetite and your  2. eating habits? 
                                   2. CULTURE:  Using any resources you have available site 4 items or reasons Culture has on eating habits and nutrition.
                                   3. TIME/MONEY: As in topic #2 explain how time and money may impact nutrition/eating habits. 
    Tuesday April 21   PLEASE RESPOND IN WRITING THRU A E-MAIL By Thursday April 23rd:  THANKS
                                   1. If you have not reponded to the 10 self inventory questions liste below, please do.                                                                                                                  B. Please think about these questions and respond on each regarding how they would help our nutritional aspect.
                                   2.  7 habits: Life moves at a frantic pressure packed pace at time.  How can pushing pause help you handle a challenging                                                                  situation?
                                   3. Please use any resourse you have available to you and define the following terms:                                                                                                               NUTRIENTS:              HUNGER:               APPETITE:             NUTRITION:
     Tuesday: April 14Please reflect on our instruction during the school year.  Our Mental, Physcial, and Social Health determines our personal                                        WELLNESS.
                    STUDENTS:  During our social distancing practices, we have had our daily lives changed greatly.    NUTRITION: FOOD is fuel.  It fuels all our activities of life.  1.  FED UP  documentary we observed carried power messages regarding food choices.  How has all the free time we have made for nutritional successes or failures?
    2. Could you think of ways we could use our available time to enhance our nutrition in a positive way?
                    Please send your responses electronically thru the email address listed below by Thursday April 16.
    ASSIGNMENT: Thurday April 16:
              7 HABITS:  How can a CAN DO attitude help you thru your tasks of the day or challenges you may be presented.
               A.. NUTRITION SELF INVENTORY:  Please respond to the following.                                                                                                                      1. I eat a variety of food groups in each meal.
      2. I include plenty of fruits/vegetables in each meal.
      3. I cut away visible fats/chicken skin or choose lower fat meats.
      4. I try to trade off days of consuming fried foods.
      5. I taste my food before I salt it, to reduce salt usage if possible.
      6. I choose nutritional snacks.
      7. I follow recommended serving sizes listed on packaged materials.
      8. I eat breakfast every day.
      9. I read nutritional labels on packaged foods.
      10. I can recognize misleading claims/promises in food ads.
             B. To the best of your knowledge take the topics of each of the 10 questions and explain how this behavior may be helpful to your                                           nutritional quality.  
             Please also submit your reflections electonically to the email address listed below by Monday  April 20th.
    Thank you for your time.  We miss you.  If you need our assitance in any way please utilize the contacts listed below.
    Mr. Boxleitner
                                                                                    LITTLE T-WOLVES: Elementary
            TODAY: 1. I would like you to move into your yard if available. (or any space you have). 
                          2. Find a open spot where you can go about 10 strides in distance
                          3.  Perform the following down and back for 10 strides, Jog, Hi knee, kickers, karyoka, hi skip, long skip..
                          4. Fitness:  10 jump jacks, and jog your ten strides down to do 5 pushups and return home.
                                             8 jump jacks, jog down your ten strides and do 5 setups.
                                             6 jump jacks, jog down your ten strides and do 4 pushups.
                                             4 jump jacks, jog down your ten strides and do 4 setups.
                                             2 jump jacks, jog down your ten strides and do 3 pushups  
                       Grand finale 10 jump jacks, jog down your ten strides and do 3 setups.
                          5. ACTIVITY: FIRE/ICE:  If you have 3 or 4 people.  Have on person be the tagger ice.  If they touch another person it freezes them.                                                                    Have another person be fire.  Fire has the job of unfreezing those who have been frozen.                                                                          Play 2 minutes and switche people into different tagging jobs..  HOPE YOU HAVE FAMILY TO PLAY WITH: 
                         5. COOL DOWN: walk around your 4 corner grid and pickup all your markers....
                         6. WATER TIME: Don't forget the importance of drinking water.  (Wash your hands as well.)                                                                                                                                                     
              OK: nice job
              HAVE A GREAT DAY.
              Little secret: Make your bed and fold your clothes. 
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