• 7th Grade Handbook Pages


    3-ring Binder
    1 spiral notebook
    2 pkgs. notebook paper
    tab dividers for notebook
    red/green pens
    blue/black pens
    #2 pencils
    colored pencils
    pencil pouch (for inside notebook)
    scissors/glue sticks
    gym shoes (non-marking)
    Thumb drive

    CLASS RULE: "Treat others as you would like to be treated."

        ...be on time ...use appropriate language
        ...do your work ...follow directions
        ...be honest ...school/property of others
        …follow all school rules

        …If you don't like the results you get from "doing your best", change something you're doing; try something new – a new approach, or work harder.

    HOMEWORK: There will be homework every night in math, except Friday. Any work assigned throughout the day is automatically homework. It is the responsibility of the student to make sure assignments and materials are taken home and homework completed. Students are required to write down daily assignments in their “Agendas”. Agendas are checked every two weeks and a score is recorded in Language Arts. This is a piece of 'Study Skills' curriculum. Students who do not complete homework will automatically be given 10 minutes of their lunch to work on finishing the assignment. Students who do not complete homework on multiple occasions will receive demerits (see honors level system for details).

    ABSENCES AND MAKE-UP WORK: If you are absent, I will make a packet of assignments you missed for that day. It is YOUR responsibility to complete the assignments and turn them in. I will record grades for the assignments, as long as they are completed in a timely manner (school district policy allows for 1 extra completion day for every day absent). If you do not turn in missing assignments, the scores will be recorded as zeros and you will be subject to disciplinary action like 10-minute lunch detention.


    MATH PACING: Students complete five problems daily in a math journal. These problems include a wide area of math curricula, from basic skills to geometry to vocabulary. Students must make an effort on every problem, and make corrections (using an alternate color of writing utensil). The objective is to expose students to a variety of math skills that they may or may not know. Solving the problems is modeled by the teacher, both the thought process, and the paper/pencil process. Notebooks are graded every three weeks. Grades are based on problems completed and corrected, not on right or wrong answers.

    DAILY WORK: You are required to complete daily assignments and return them to school the following day. All assignments will be graded (with few exceptions). Daily work counts for 30% of a your final grade. If you fail to return a completed assignment you will be required to complete it during lunchtime in the 7th grade classroom. If you fail to show up during lunchtime, a demerit will be issued. The assignment will be recorded as a 'zero' after 1 week.

    PROJECTS: You will complete math application problems every Friday. These assignments are completed in small groups and involve students solving "life skills" type math problems. You are required to discuss and write about the problems you solve.

    TESTS: Tests are given at the end of each chapter or unit. You are given points for both showing your work and having the correct response.

    EXTRA CREDIT: I do not offer any extra credit, however, if you are not happy with your grade or you want to improve your grade, you may complete the extra practice exercises in the back of the book that correspond to lessons we have done in class. I will average the two scores if your score will improve your grade for that lesson. Example: You receive a 68% on lesson 2-4. You complete the Extra Practice 2-4 from the back of the book and get 100%. I will average the two grades: (100+63) ÷ 2 = 82. Your new grade is 82%!


    DAILY WORK: You will complete AR reading every day. You are responsible for maintaining a reading log. This is checked regularly. Ten percent of this block's grade comes from you meeting your AR goal. AR goals are determined for each student individually and are based on your score on the STAR reading assessment. Goals can be revised following a conference between the student, parent, and teacher. During the Language Arts block, you will participate in a variety of activities and complete many assignments geared towards improving reading accuracy, fluency, and comprehension and improving writing by writing. You are expected to follow the writing process which always includes pre-writing, writing a rough draft, editing and revising, and creating a final, typed copy that is free from grammar, spelling and punctuation errors. Occasionally you will receive homework, but most work from this block will be completed during class time.


    I arrive at school at 7:45, and stay until 4:00. I also spend most of my lunch in my room. If you are having difficulty completing an assignment I am very available for questions and help. It is, however, YOUR responsibility to seek me out. I cannot help you unless I know there is a problem. My room phone number is 523-3061 ext. 3202.