• Latest update - June 11,  2020
      I certainly hope everyone is well, and healthy. In these very different times, 
    I want to remind you that there are so many learning opportunites out there that
    possibly in the past we have not thought of, or had the time for. Think outside the box. Everything can be a learning opportunity. Cooking, yard work, cleaning, helping out with siblings, grandparents, can all be great ways to learn about life. Let them dip their toes in, if they haven't already.
     I think that the class on a whole has done a good job of the online assignments. I thought prodigy would been a favorite to do at home, due to the fact that they really enjoy it at school, but it was not. Some great efforts on the packets the last few weeks. Impressive. 
     There are only a few weeks left of school. I really want parents and kids alike, to fully understand how much I value them, and take pride in being a small part of their future success. 
    Please have a spectacular summer. Continue to read a little here and there. A nice summer afternoon under a shady tree with a book, is not a bad way to spend a few hours.  Be safe, be great, be a part of the pack!
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    Best times to contact me -    anytime, I will get back to you pretty quickly
    BE SAFE, BE GREAT  -----------   Mr. Reid