• Latest update - May 4, 2020
      I certainly hope everyone is well, and healthy. In these very different times, 
    I want to remind you that there are so many learning opportunites out there that
    possibly in the past we have not thought of, or had the time for.
     My daughter and I changed some tires over the weekend, and had a litte lesson
    on keeping your car "healthy." My son and I baked some peanut butter cookies
    (my favorite), and we both got to enjoy the fruits of our labor. I loved these times. 
     There is only so much time to enjoy your kids while they are at home, and now 
    due to this situation the world has going on, we can make some great memories,
    while giving them the opportunity to learn some life skills. 
    Great time to be applying some school work and life work at the same time.
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    BE SAFE, BE GREAT  -----------   Mr. Reid