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                                                                                                  GOOD MORNING T-WOLVES

    April 3:   JOURNALIZE:  Write a journal to realize your fitness dream.  Trust your training.  

    FITNESS IDEA for today: A fitness program I would suggest would be to target your core and muscular strength.

            A. WARM UP Begin with 100 Jump Jacks:   (coordinators/JJ/nebraska drill movements will work as well) at 40-60% perceived effort.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         B. At the 5 min. mark take a pause and move thru you favorite flexibility stretches.  Remember to involve both the front and back of all muscle groups.               Include upper body as well even if it appears not to be our focus of fitness today.                                                            

           C. Return to the main portion of your workout.  WHEEL OF FORTUNE FIT: Perform 10 (or maybe less if a young wolf) of each of the following.                              V-up roll up or leg raise,  Push ups, Over and under a brother or sister,  Lateral squats,  Stagger pushup,  6 inches legs straight holds,                                  Circle pushups,  Squat jacks,   Burpee,  and Scissor jumps.  

           D. COOL DOWN: A nice 5-10 min. easy jog at nice easy 50-60% jog.                                                                                          

           E. POST STRETCH: Repeat your pre workout stretch routine.  Muscles are well prepared for stretching at this phase of your workout, you may be                       able to hold the stretch a bit deeper and longer.




       Students.  We hope to find you all doing well during this challenging time.   It is a tremendous disruption to our lives as we know them.  It is also a time to take advantage of.  In a rare change to our lifestyles we may possibling have a important variable usually not at our disposal.  TIME:
    TIME: TIME: TIME: has been a limiting variable in our busy lives.  Currently we have time.  Fitness takes time.  We finally have it.                         
    LETS GET STARTED USING THAT TIME:  To wisely use our time and to track actvities you choose to engage in we would like to invite you to keep a daily fitness log/journal of their activity.  *List the date.     *activity you chose   * the length of the session (duration)    * how many repetitions     
       * timed activities:  competing against the clock to complete a set amount of a activity produces increased intensity.                                                            (Ex: Making 100 shots with a Basketball.  Monday vs Tuesday.  Journalize your time.  Gives your reflection/immediate feedback)
    IDEAS:  These activites can be engaged in with most all age groups.  Utilize the ability to reduce intensity, thru decreasing exercise repetition numbers, and length of time to the students fitnesss level and ability.  
    1. Darebee.com:  Darebee has many interesting options:  

             A. Each and every day has a daily workout posted.  It carries instruction for several levels of intensity for the beginner/youth on up to veteran who has fitness experience.            

             B. Darebee also offers numerous themed workouts that offers a wide assortment of fitness targets of your choice.

             C. 30 day challenges: Numerous fitness activities are offered in a progressive 30 day challenge format that is user friendly in developing a beginning fitness base.  As the days                    progress the intensity climbs taking individuals fitness to accomplished levels.         

     2. Bring ally Up: Is a Youtube activity produced by focused fitness.
            Students can train their upper body, lower body, and core following the song lyrics and video participants activity. The song is nearly 4 minutes in           length. I would recommend students following along with 30 sec. sessions of pushups, standing squats and leg raises.  Have the students add             5 seconds to each session every 3rd day. If a student wants to start off at a longer duration for each session they are welcome. 
     3.  PE with Joe: A Youtube activity put out daily by Joe Wicks.   Joe put the participant thru fitness activities for 30 minutes each day.  Fun and                  exciting product.
                                              If you have any additional questions please feel free to contact me.  Stay Healthy and Safe. 
                                                                                            HEALTH COURSE ACTIVITY
    ASSIGNMENT:  Tuesday March 31st:
                    Please reflect on our instruction during the school year.  Our Mental, Physcial, and Social Health determines our personal WELLNES.
                    STUDENTS:  During our social distancing practices, we have had our daily lives changed greatly.   Please develop a reflection on how                            our absence from school and other normal routines has impacted your PERSONAL HEALTH.                                                                                              Example: Responses may include physical activity has increased or descreased.                                                                                                                              Activity type may have changed (aerobic vs anaerobic.
                                            Duration may have increased or decreased do to potentially additional free time.                                                                                                              Changes in activity frequency.
                    Please send your responses electronically thru the email address listed below by Friday Apri, 3rd.
    ASSIGNMENT: Thurday April 2nd:
                    STUDENTS: Please repeat the Tuesday assignement with direction change towards Social and Emotional wellness.
                    Please also submit your reflections electonically to the email address listed below by Friday April 3rd.
    Thank you for your time.  We miss you.  If you need our assitance in any way please utilize the contacts listed below.
    Mr. Boxleitner
                                                                                    LITTLE T-WOLVES: Elementary
            TODAY: 1. I would like you to move into your yard if available. (or any space you have). 
                          2. If you can select a 4 items of some sort to mark a location.  1st spot. Drop one item on the ground.  Then walk straight 15 steps.                                    Drop the 2nd item on the ground.  Turn to your left and walk straight 15 steps, and drop the 3rd item on the ground.                                                        Turn to your left again and walk 15 steps and drop the 4th item on the ground.  YOU MADE A BOX:: Congrats.
                          3. ITS GO TIME:  READY SET:  Jog around the 4 items nice and easy.  Next we will High Skip around the 4 items, then we will long                                    skip around, into Kayoka looking inside, Kayoka looking outside is next and last but not least. side-slide with a flip at each corner.
             STRENGTH TIME:  You are all warmed up and ready for making muscles stronger.                                                                                                                        1. 1st trip around the 4 corner box will be the pushups.  If you so desire you may run and do one pushup at each corner.                                                     IF YOU are a over achiever you may challenger yourself with 1 pushup at corner number 1, 2 at 2, 3 at 3, and 4 at 4.                                   
                          2. Tummy time:  repeat the order listed above for pushup, but replace the activity of pushup with setups.
                          3. Powerful legs:  Work those legs with ROCKETS by repeating the order used for the 1st two activities. 
                          1. Use the 4 corners and take a tossable item that is soft to keep this activity safe.
                          2. At the 1st corner toss the item in the air and clap one time before you catch it.
                          3. Move to corner number two and clap twice before you catch it.  Keep moving up to the 4th corner.
             PERSONAL CHALLENGE:  If you can keep move around the 4 corners for a 2nd round which means 5 claps, 6 claps until the number                                      becomes to difficult. 
              OK: nice job
              HAVE A GREAT DAY.
              Little secret: Help you parents out today with house chores..
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