• Welcome to
    Rosalia School District!


    As I start my fourth year as your superintendent I want to thank the staff and communities we serve for their great support over the past three years.  Indeed the Rosalia School District is a special place and I am honored to be part of the Rosalia School family.  What makes it special are the community members from Malden, Thornton and Rosalia and the families that live in the areas that surround those communities.  I truly appreciate the sense of volunteerism that makes the Rosalia School District a great place to work.

    We are off to a great start this year with the addition of 16 new students.  Welcome to the students and the new families. We are continuing our transition this year into a new classroom management tool called PBIS (Positive Behavioral Intervention Support) which is focused on rewarding positive behavior and motivating our students rather than negative consequences. If you would like additional information on the program please ask your child’s teacher.

    In addition to PBIS we are continuing to offer on-line classes for our high school students to provide more choices and are now offering agriculture (Ag) classes for our 7th and 8th graders. For our elementary students we are again putting together a Rosalia Lego Robotics team. 

    In closing, I am honored to watch over the Rosalia School District.  My goal continues to be “Honoring the past: Building a Dynamic Future.” Thanks for your support.



    Larry Keller, Superintendent

    Larry Keller, Superintendent
    Email: lkeller@rosalia.wednet.edu
    Phone: 509.523.3061