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    Rosalia Superintendent Message 8-20-2020

    Rosalia School District is committed to the health and safety of each of our students and staff members during this unprecedented time dealing with COVID-19.  Our duty and obligation is to educate students to the best of our professional ability.  The Rosalia Reopening Plan will give a brief overview of how that will be accomplished. I can assure you that we have taken this very seriously and this plan represents hours of work from staff, community members, administration and health officials. I want to thank each of them and each of you for voicing your thoughts and concerns. To the staff of Rosalia School District, I thank you, as well, for working so passionately and hard to ensure we offer and provide the very best we can for our students. As this plan is implemented, please understand that it is a fluid and dynamic plan. We may change our delivery system as determined by the COVID-19 outbreak levels in our community. The three delivery systems that will be used are; 1) face-to-face learning 2) distance learning 3) online learning. These systems will be explained in more detail later in the plan. This school year will be very different from any other school year in the history of education in our country, state and community. Please know I am available to discuss and listen to your thoughts and concerns. As a staff we are here to serve you and your children. In order for us to move forward in the different phases of our reopening plan, it will be critical for all of us to partner up in committing to wear our face masks, social distance and wash our hands regularly. This will control the spread of the virus and keep our COVID numbers low enough for our students to return to the traditional school se


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